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Season 2 Finale! With a BANG!

August 01, 2023 Jimothy and Tubby Guests - DrotheBro and ALLtimeCHAMP Season 2 Episode 50
The W Sports Podcast - A Very Good Sports Podcast
Season 2 Finale! With a BANG!
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Show Notes

Special Guests - DrotheBro and AlltimeCHAMP 
Two of The W Sports Podcasts winners during Season 2 for our March Madness Bracket and our Fantasy Football League.

 ◦ Unnecessary heat on BV 
 ◦ SEC and PAC12 media days
 ◦ Colorado back to the BIG12 and so is the media with prime - 


 ◦ Matt Miller gets a lot of Flack from NFL RBs after his tweet about RBs
 ◦ New ownership more than likely completely rebranding the Commanders 
 ◦ Top flight RBs have RB back only Zoom Meeting to discuss the declining contract for RBs 
 ◦ Saquon signs 1 year $11 million deal with a $2 million signing bonus
 ◦ Aaron Rodgers takes $35 million pay cut for the Jets. Do Packers have a right to feel some sort of way about it
 ◦ Jalen Ramsey tears meniscus and will miss 6-8 weeks to start the season
 ◦ Joe Burrow injures calf in practice and expect to miss several weeks
 ◦  ◦ Worst owner in nfl. 
 ◦ Jonathan Taylor requests trade

 ◦ Joe Musgrove said that the Padres will still be really good without Snell and Hader if the Padres become sellers at the deadline
 ◦ Breakout player for the 2nd half of the season
 ◦ Rays fall out of 1st for the first time this season
 ◦ Trade Deadline

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